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Our platform has been designed by experts in the field of notarization and document delivery to give you an immersive comprehensive platform for your closing and document management needs.

Our Platform Includes : 
  • Schedule Title / Loan transactions via your company’s portal
  • Optional document tagging and preparation
  • Complete order tracking from input, notary assignment, client contact, ID verification,
  • Document completion and delivery
  • Reporting
  • Automated billing and tracking
  • Document verification and Audit Tracking
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We supply each of our agency clients with an online portal to share with there clients for a personalized scheduling experience.*
*May Not Be Available To Every Client. 
We Exceed MISMO Standards
MISMO Standards - The USA Notary Remote Online Notary platform conforms with the standards set forth by the Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization. **
Exceed Requirements for remote notarization outlined in state law.
Listed on the Florida Department of State List of Remote Online Notary Platform
** Virginia notaries are not legally required to utilize KBA. Our ID verification system includes a database of passports from over 100 countries to verify validity and does facial recognition / comparison to meet required standards for ID verification.
Create A Session With Participants Around The World
Scheduling Flexibility – The title agent can set the exact date and time, or just choose the date and allow the signers to access a calendar to choose a time. Easy-to-use scheduling system.
Multiple locations - Signers can close from anywhere in the world, with up to 8 signers logging in from different locations. No additional charge for multiple locations.
Foreign Signers - We can notarize for foreign signers. As long as the documents are used in the United States and the signers can be meet ID requirements (a valid foreign passport), we can complete their notarization.
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